Anavar cutting diet

In either case, both men and women, Anavar can be used for far longer than most oral anabolic steroids due to its low liver toxicity rating and further as it does not appear to taper off in benefit as fast as many other oral anabolic steroids. The majority of Anavar users will supplement for 6-8 weeks but longer durations of 12 weeks are not uncommon, especially during female contest preparation time. Keep in mind, the leaner you are the greater the results will be, meaning, they will be far more pronounced; for this reason most women will choose Anavar during the latter half of their diet to reap the greatest reward.

For those of you who say that I still should work on my diet and training for the next several years before touching any AAS is LAUGHABLE. Why? Two reasons. There is NO WAY that all of you waited until you hit your natural physical peak before doing AAS. The majority of you did it early on because you wanted to reach your goals faster. Then, after you got huge, you spend your time lecturing all the newbies that they shouldn't touch the stuff. Drives me nuts. Secondly, I'm not 18 years old anymore with my testosterone through the roof. I'm 36. I'm not growing at anywhere near the rate I used to when I used to eat HALF the calories when in my teens and early 20's. Any increase in testosterone will be welcome at this point.

Anavar will greatly preserve lean tissue when dieting as well as strength; this is welcomed for two reasons. First and foremost, tissue and strength are often lost when we diet, and while some may still be lost with Oxandrolone use, we will maintain more of it than we would without. Further, by maintaining mass, we ensure our metabolic rate is all it can be; the more muscle you carry, the more lean tissue, the greater your metabolism will fire. All-in-all, this means we burn more fat. Of course, and this is extremely important to physique athletes, or anyone looking for a fitness model type look; the Oxandrolone hormone will significantly harden your physique. How hard you get, will depend on how lean you get. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to be a granite statue you won’t be, but if you do this is available and attainable, if you diet hard enough.

Anavar cutting diet

anavar cutting diet


anavar cutting dietanavar cutting dietanavar cutting dietanavar cutting dietanavar cutting diet