Anavar dosage directions

While 50mg-80mg is the average range, Anavar dosages can safely reach the 100mg per day range. However, there are two important things we must consider. The Oxandrolone hormone is by no means cheap; 10mg tabs can cost anywhere from $2-$5 a piece depending on the source and brand. Further, regarding the 100mg mark, Anavar dosages above this mark will not make a massive difference. The Oxandrolone hormone appears to have a fast falloff point past the 100mg mark. Granted, past 100mg you might see a little more progress, but nothing of any true substance and by no means in any way that has that justified what you’ll be paying for it.

Using anabolic steroids to impress people who are appreciating you for your looks and the appearance is hardly an accomplishment. The young or old simply doesn’t need this chemical. This steroid is to be used for the treatment of health-related problems and injuries and with a prescription. This is not some miracle medicine which teens, athletes, and bodybuilders should rely on to gain muscle mass. If you are disappointed with your body, the proper way is to work out in a gym, have a monitored diet plan and learn to stay positive in life. Falling for substance abuse might give a temporary fix but would be disastrous for your health and life.

Anavar dosage directions

anavar dosage directions


anavar dosage directionsanavar dosage directionsanavar dosage directions