Anavar oxandrolone bg

To strengthen the anabolic properties of testosterone, more than 100 synthetic steroid derivatives have been described for human purposes. The anabolic effect promotes protein synthesis, muscle growth and erythropoiesis. In clinical practice, substances with anabolic effect are needed to overcome various catabolic states. However, none of these compounds are devoid of androgenicity. Androgenic and anabolic properties of anabolic steroids cannot be totally separated. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use the term anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).

The Oxandrolone hormone does not carry any estrogenic related side effects. It does not aromatize and cannot lead to gynecomastia or water retention due to increases in estrogen levels. It further carries no progestin related activity, which again supports no estrogenic related side effects. Due to water retention being impossible with this steroid, this will decrease the risk of high blood pressure. Excess water retention can promote high blood pressure. Some steroids that do not aromatize can lead to high blood pressure, such as Trenbolone , but Anavar is rarely associated with this trait.

Take 1 tablet of Anvarol, three times daily with meals, also on non-workout days. On exercise days, take 30 to 45 mins before working out. Use for at the very least 2 months for finest outcomes. Suggested workout period is 2 months “on” as well as weeks “off”. Do not exceed this dosage unless accepted by your doctor or your physical fitness adviser. Ideal stack with Decaduro or Dianabol supplements. See our sporting activities nutrition web page to pick the most effective body building supplements for your Anvarol program.

Anavar oxandrolone bg

anavar oxandrolone bg


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