Anavar safe

It is true, Anavar is a very female friendly, and for the vast majority of women if they keep their use at a responsible level they will experience no virilization symptoms. However, if your dose goes too high, you can guarantee the Anavar results you see will not be the ones you desire. Further, and this is extremely important to remember, because we are all unique individuals, we will all respond to the hormone in a unique way. For this reason, some women, even with responsible use may fall prey to virilization symptoms. If this occurs, and if the woman discontinues use as soon as the symptoms begin to show they will fade away, and she will be fine.

As for Oxandrolone, it makes sense to take it only in very high doses, not less than 30-40 mg a day, even if it is used as an auxiliary drug. If your goal is a weight gain and power increase then this dose should be increased at least twice. This means that in the day you will have to swallow at least 5-6 of 10mg tablets or 10-12 tablets containing 5 mg of Oxandrolone. Naturally enough that such a large number of tablets can act irritative to the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, Oxandrolone is quite toxic to the liver (in large dosages more than 40 mg a day).

Anavar safe

anavar safe


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