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Monestro P2P OÜ (registry code 12651582) is a financial service provider, operating under the Credit Intermediary license granted on by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. Please examine the terms and conditions of our service and consult an expert if necessary.
Services provided by Monestro P2P OÜ are not investment services within the meaning of the Securities Market Act or other legislation regulating investment intermediaries. The money invested in the loan contracts in the portal is not considered a deposit, therefore, the investment is not guaranteed by a state guaranty system.
Loans are available with term 6 to 24 months and interest rates from 8 to 35% .

Representative example of APRC: % Annual% In the calculation of the representative example, the following data and preferences of the loan application have been taken into account: - loan amount: 3000,00 €; - interest rate: % per annum; - contract fee: 90 €; - monthly loan management fee: %; - expected time of loan agreement conclusion and drawdown of the loan sum: ; - expected final due date for loan repayment: ; - monthly payment date: 1; - expected due date for first installment: ; APR may change due to the results of the loan auction.

Andro 500

andro 500


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