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In 1978, a new LP400 S model was introduced. Though the engine was slightly downgraded from the LP400 model at 355 PS (350 hp; 261 kW), the most radical changes were in the exterior, where the tires were replaced with 345/35R15 Pirelli P7 tyres; the widest tyres available on a production car at the time, and fiberglass wheel arch extensions were added, giving the car the fundamental look it kept until the end of its production run. An optional V-shaped spoiler was available over the rear deck following the popularity generated from the rear wing of the Walter Wolf Countach, which, while improving high-speed stability, reduced the top speed by at least 10 mph (16 km/h). Most owners ordered the wing despite this disadvantage. The LP400 S' handling was improved by the wider tires, which made the car more stable in cornering. Aesthetically, some prefer the slick lines of the original, while others prefer the more aggressive lines of the later models, beginning with the LP400 S. The standard emblems ("Lamborghini" and "Countach") were kept at the rear, but an angular "S" emblem was added after the "Countach" on the right side.

The Müller Anniversary Games is one of the best athletics events in the world and will play host to the superstars of the sport on 21 - 22 July at the London Stadium. Previous highlights have included unforgettable performances from the very best - including Usain Bolt, a new world record from Kendra Harrison in the 100m hurdles, and plenty of national records, world leads and personal bests. Last year’s event saw some incredible performances from the likes of Laura Muir, Allyson Felix and Aries Merritt. Sir Mo Farah sent the adoring London crowd into meltdown as he won the men's 3000m, his final race before the World Championships in London. The prestigious IAAF Diamond League event will see a thrilling jam packed timetable of track and field events over two days, an event not to be missed.

Anniversary status

anniversary status


anniversary statusanniversary statusanniversary statusanniversary statusanniversary status