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At first sign of illness I started with the B-12 and B Complex 1 amp every other day. For the first 5 days then. Then after was a maintance dose of 2 amps of B, 1 of complex a week. Couple this with one shot of E every week and my illness didnt keep me down.
The B12 gives a almost immediate and noticable uplift in energy , mental alertness, and overall well being.
As for the Complex and E. I used them to cover the bases and Im glad I did and I truly feel my recovery was aided tremendous by utlizing these injectable vitamins. Also worthy to note that while B can be taken in adbundance, one has to be very careful with E not to take too much or risk damaging your health.

From past experiences, I would run 19 Nor without caber and adex. Ran caber at mg twice a week and adex at mg three times a week. No case of deca dick, gyno, estro or progest.. Did what the products were supposed to do.
Bayer proviron was another top quality product and greatly enhanced libido and well being. Used at 50 mg every day.
Alpha pharma is one of the best brand. Dosed npp at 500 every week for 10 weeks. It had my joints feeling smooth. Gave me a nice muscular dense look with less water retention. I stayed leaner.
Truly loved their products.

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