Oxandrin anavar

The main side effects include the effects steroids have on the body’s hormone balance. When one takes steroids the body starts to think it is in puberty again, and so the sebaceous glands start to produce more oil; this is why many steroid users get acne. When anabolic steroids are overused, they also cause faster aging. They can lead to a lower sperm count and other problems for men, and some  people (both men and women) also experience baldness. They can also cause high blood pressure and increase the levels of the “bad” LDL cholesterol in the blood. The risk of prostate cancer in men also increases.

The oral bioavailability of oxandrolone is 97%. [2] Its plasma protein binding is 94 to 97%. [2] The drug is metabolized primarily by the kidneys and to a lesser extent by the liver . [1] [2] Oxandrolone is the only AAS that is not primarily or extensively metabolized by the liver, and this is thought to be related to its diminished hepatotoxicity relative to other AAS. [1] [3] Its elimination half-life is reported as to  hours but is extended to  hours in the elderly. [2] [3] Approximately 28% of an oral dose of oxandrolone is eliminated unchanged in the urine and 3% is excreted in the feces . [3]

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Oxandrin anavar

oxandrin anavar


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