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So I figured this was worth writing a review for Naps. So Im a regular at naps no question. I probably keep more on hand than most people on here. I have any and everything Dragon has to offer. My last order however is why Im writing. So I ordered about 20 10ml bottles from naps. All Dragon Pharma. First go around..seized. Naps confirmed and a reship was sent...second time around and with a new address...seized again...Well I can honestly say Naps stands behind there word...after they confirmed second package was seized...reshipped AGAIN. For a third time. Thats 60 bottles they had to send for a 20 bottle order...THATS GOOD BUSINESS!!...Oh and btw..I FINALLY received my order yesterday on the third go around. Which the address was changed again for a 3rd time as well. This did take months for me to receive my order but at no fault to Naps and they still made sure I got what I ordered. Im use to dealing with them and have been for over 15 years so I knew it would arrive..yes the wait sucked but in the end my order arrived so I cant say anything. Guys..I am telling you..Naps is the place to go. No question about it. Just be patient and Naps will come through.

SPL documents contain both the content of labeling (all text, tables and figures) for a product along with additional machine readable information (including drug listing data elements and clinical data elements). Drug listing data elements include coded information about the product (including product and generic names, ingredients, ingredient strengths, dosage forms, routes of administration, appearance, DEA schedule) and the packaging (package quantity and type). Clinical data elements include coded information about the clinical use of the product (including indications and use, contraindications, drug interactions, warning and precautions and use in special populations).

Qd labs anavar

qd labs anavar


qd labs anavarqd labs anavar