Steroid body odour

The non-functional ABCC11 allele is predominant among Southeast Asians (80–95%), but very low in other ancestral groups (0–3%). [5] Most of the world's population have the gene that codes for the wet-type earwax and normal body odor; however, East Asians are genetically predisposed for the allele associated with the dry-type earwax and a reduction in body odor. [5] [18] [20] East Asians ( Chinese , Koreans , and Japanese ) have fewer apocrine sweat glands compared to people of other descent, making East Asians less prone to body odor. The reduction in body odor and sweating may be due to adaptation to colder climates by their ancient Northeast Asian ancestors. [18] Conversely, Blacks have the largest amount of apocrine sweat glands on their skin surface [22] [23] Research has indicated a strong association between people with axillary osmidrosis and the ABCC11-genotypes GG or GA at the SNP site (rs17822931) in comparison to the genotype AA. [20]

While there are various causes of body odor , most of us are familiar with the association between sweat and stink, especially when it comes from the underarms . But do you know why the armpits especially can have such a displeasing odor? According to Secret Sweat Scientist Kati Bakes, "underarm odor is created when the bacteria in your underarm break down the food that is in sweat." And while other parts of the body can also sweat, more odor comes from the underarms because the sweat cannot as easily evaporate or be wicked off the skin. This is why proper washing and keeping the area dry with antiperspirant is important. However, there are more causes of body odor than just poor hygiene, and it can come from more places than just the underarms.

A number of tablet treatments are available, and these have proven very effective in most people living with psoriasis but, like all medications and therapies, can cause potentially serious side effects. These treatments include methotrexate, acitretin and cyclosporin. Careful choice of therapy and skilled monitoring reduce the potential risks of these therapies, which are generally very effective in controlling even severe cases of psoriasis. Methotrexate and cyclosporine work by largely modulating the immune system. Acitretin is a derivative of vitamin A. Acitretin helps program the skin cells back to normal and also has effects on the immune system.

Steroid body odour

steroid body odour


steroid body odoursteroid body odoursteroid body odoursteroid body odoursteroid body odour