Steroids wrestlers use

i feel for the dad because he lost his son and he just wants to do something about it, but his denial in the doc that his son died from many things and not just solely steroids makes him come across as stubborn, bitter, and to honest... kind of a dick. the main problem i have is i think the director knew the guy would act like that and thats why he interviewed him. at the end of the interview the guy really comes of as delusional about his son and how he died, because hes so blinded by his rage of steroids. im positive the director chris bell knew what reaction he would get from this guy.

* Bravo said that the purpose of his upcoming film was not to expose people, although it does help people relate more to the subject matter. The subject matter of the film is to help lessen the laws over steroid use in the United States. He said that if steroids were made in an FDA approved lab and are used properly under the care of a doctor, they can help a lot of people, "especially wrestlers over the age of 30 years old to help them recover." Bravos said that if steroids are done properly, they can help your life. Bravo has done TRT since he was 34 years old (he's 39 now) and he said that it's only benefited his life. It did affect his life negatively when he once took a dosage higher than what was prescribed, and he learned from that. He said that the right dosage benefits your life, while taking too much "is not a good thing." That started him to make this film and then the WFN bust happened, so he started incorporating that into the message of the film.

Steroids wrestlers use

steroids wrestlers use


steroids wrestlers usesteroids wrestlers usesteroids wrestlers usesteroids wrestlers usesteroids wrestlers use